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Many clients are nervous about commissioning an artist and I certainly understand and respect those feelings, however I have a very friendly and transparent process to allow everyone to feel comfortable and satisfied. Over the 15 years as a landscape artist I have been commissioned by many clients to create customs oil paintings or drawings. These works are all unique to each client and present new exciting and creative challenges. I love collaborating with clients and collectors to create a specific landscape painting or drawing they will cherish for years to come, which captures their emotions, story behind what they would like created, vision and then combining it all together for an amazing work of art. This maybe a favorite location, wildlife, memory, ranch or farm or maybe it’s open to interpretation by the artist.

Over the years, I continue to grow and perfect my skills as an artist with each piece I create for clients or collectors. My goal is always to deliver an amazing piece of art, which captures each client’s vision, memory, or the personal story behind the creation of their custom painting or drawing.

The process to commission an art piece should be simple, comfortable, enjoyable and collaborative, and sets expectations.  The end goal is always to exceed each of my clients or collectors expectations.

“John has an amazing way of making you feel comfortable by wanting to learn more about us, our family, and what makes us nervous about commissioning an artist. His light sense of humor, relaxed nature, and experience, made the process very enjoyable. His painting of the mountains surrounding our mountain home in Colorado was amazing. We have referred him to several others who are searching to commission an artist they can trust.  Thanks John for creating an amazing piece of art for us and our family to enjoy, and for making the process so easy.” Scott and Cindy L. Woodland Park, CO

Client Process

Meeting 1) Introduction Meeting: This is an opportunity for us to share and collaborate on ideas, for me to hear personal stories behind what you would like created and why. This step may also be me traveling to the location with the client or collector to experience all the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. During this meeting we will also visit about size, where the art will be placed, frame types, and details of the materials I will use to create your custom piece. I will also share some of my past works to help spark your creativity and will provide to you a list of references. During this meeting we will determine the view you are trying to capture.

Meeting 2) Preliminary Creation: After the first meeting I will have a very good idea as to what you would like to be captured within the painting or drawing. I will present some sketches as to how your vision will be presented on canvas. These sketches are not high in detail, however they will illustrate the locations of specific items you want represented. I will also create a small rough color mockup painting of what the final painting would look like. Some clients ask that I not share a mockup, and want to have an unveiling of the final painting as a surprise, all options are open so that everyone is comfortable. The commission for the art piece will be determined at this meeting.

Meeting 3) Commission Agreement: Once the preliminary creation pieces are presented and approved I will then place all the details in writing within a one-page document that will be very easy to understand, and will include all details such as: commission amount, size, framing, start, shipping or delivery costs, and delivery date for all parties to approve by signature. Payment terms are 50% down with the final balance due on delivery.

Studio) I will now proceed to create your final painting by capturing all the details, collaboration, thoughts, sketches, and other studies.  The start, completion, and delivery date were established together and documented in meeting 3. Once I have completed the final painting or drawing I will notify you to schedule delivery of your custom art.

Satisfaction Guarantee As a part of the agreement, I offer all of my clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all commissioned works. If you are not completely satisfied, you will be given a credit for the amount of the painting or drawing toward any future purchase. This has never happened however, it is there for your peace of mind.

To find out more about me, my work, or to schedule a complementary consultation, please feel free to contact me at: john@neumeierart.com. I look forward to visiting with you.

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