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I love the experience of being an artist in Colorado. “Living in this beautiful state allows me the creative opportunity to really enjoy all aspects of  oil painting or drawing scenic landscapes, seascapes, pets or wild animals, or even combining them into one painting or drawing”. Spending time outside in the mountains or in my studio, which is located outside my home, is a very unique and tranquil setting for creativity. The difference in the seasons here in the mountains is a inspiration for all my work”. I also, love Plein Air painting on location for my clients, as I value the sights, sounds and smells of nature. This allows me the special opportunity to experience first hand what my clients enjoy about what they would like captured in a oil painting or drawing. This enhances my creativity as I work to incorporate those feelings into all artwork. I enjoy being a professional artist, however, the fun and enjoyment I receive from partnering  with current or new clients is always the most rewarding for me.  Learning about their families, and what excites them about art and the piece they would like created is a great experience.

I was born, and raised in Nebraska; however, I now live in the beautiful state of Colorado. The Colorado landscape allows me to experience the enjoyment of the Rocky Mountain region such as: mountains, wildlife, roaring rivers, streams, lakes, and all that nature provides. I was gifted with the ability to paint and draw and am self-taught; however, I had the opportunity and privilege to have mentored with a few other artists. Recently, I mentored with professional artist Jay Moore (Parker, Colorado) through his mentorship program. This priceless experience was amazing  learning from a master artist like Jay. It was a once in a lifetime amazing opportunity for me. This has certainly provided a jump start for me in becoming a better professional artist. I also recall a great story when I was very young. I would always get in trouble from the teachers in school for sketching in class. When I was in fifth grade my teacher finally told my mother that everyone should allow me to pursue what I liked to do and that I had talent. To this day, I remember this teacher (Mrs. Jennings) as a very positive influence in my pursuit of drawing and painting professionally.

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My college degree is in architecture, and I worked in this field for a few years before moving into sales and marketing opportunities. My work experiences have allowed success in developing many personal relationships and referrals; however, I never lost my passion for drawing and oil painting.

I continue to learn new concepts, refine skills, and build on what I have learned from others as an artist. All of my artwork is original oil paintings or drawings completed specifically for each client based on their personal story, surroundings, emotions, and what’s important to them and their families.


 I am an active member of the Castle Rock Artist Cooperative in Castle Rock, CO, and Palmer Lake Art Group in Palmer Lake, Colorado.

Many specific memories and stories from growing up with my family and friends are inspirational for all my art. The photo on the right, is an old photograph handed down through the family of me and one of my grandfathers fishing when I was very young. When I look at this photo, it brings back all the emotions and great memories which is what I want my clients to feel and experience when they look at my paintings or drawings. Their cabin was located on Oakwood Lake in South Dakota.

Inspiration Around The Studio

Step Inside His Studio

My working studio is located outside my home here in Colorado. This amazing setting amongst the trees and mountains enhances my creative spirit as I create all my art pieces. The studio is also a private place to meet with new and existing clients to view samples of my work and plan their next original painting or drawing without interruption. Please enjoy this video tour, or you can schedule a personal tour me through the contacts page of my website.

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