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Rebonded flexible foam is a combination of chopped PU foam and a binder to create various products. For example, carpet underlays, sports mats, and cushions are all made with re bonding. In 2010, almost 1 billion pounds of PU scrap was reclaimed and reused for carpet underlays. We recycle large volumes of foam scrap to keep the transportation costs to a minimum and supply various industrial needs.

Furthermore, when it comes to geography, we ship and deliver global. So, are you seeking for PU foam scrap for sale in any type such as furniture foam, memory foam and etc.? Carpet cushion companies are already incorporating flame retardant-free trim scrap into new bonded carpet cushion and the industry reports efforts to verify flame retardant content in their pre-consumer scrap.

For ultimate employee performance, GTP offers a variety of office supplies and gadgets. Like most plastic materials, polyurethane is highly recyclable. The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) supports this practice, encouraging the conservation of resources and minimizing the environmental impacts of plastics and related products. Polyurethane (PU), commonly known as foam, can be found almost everywhere. It’s what makes your furniture and mattresses soft, your footwear durable, and your straps elastic.

These additive flame retardants can migrate out of the material over the life of the product during installation, use, recycling, and disposal. With the data demand for foam products, it might be a good idea to stock different types of foam products. Stocking a variety of foam suppliers at might be a good way to meet the demand for foam products. Polyurethane foam scraps are easy to apply, and they come in a wide range of colors. With different sizes and densities, having our scraps around can provide the solution to an emergency problem or the economical answer to a project.

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